Internal Wall Insulation

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PIR insulation products are suitable for use as internal wall insulation, for both new build and refurbishment projects.  They offer one of the thinnest solutions available as a result of their superior thermal performance.

PIR boards are available for installation in a variety of ways, such as via the dot and dab or adhesive method or they can be mechanically fixed to wall battens.

PIR boards can be added to a project independently or as an insulated plasterboard.

This method of insulating a solid wall is appropriate where it is impractical to insulate externally for reasons of aesthetics or space. The thermal performance of PIR/PUR insulation products is maintained for the lifetime of the building.

Benefits of PIR/PUR Insulation for Internal Applications:

  • Superior thermal performance
  • Maintains thermal performance for lifetime of the building;
  • Insulation and dry lining in one application
  • Minimal cold bridging
  • Reduces the risk of water penetration;
  • Resistant to moisture ingress;
  • Lightweight and non-fibrous insulation

Manufacturers’ products will offer different benefits depending on the application. For full details users should refer to the manufacturer’s third party certification.