Cavity Wall Boards

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PIR insulation products, when used in a masonry cavity wall construction, offer one of the thinnest solutions available as a result of their superior thermal performance.

As energy efficiency regulations become more stringent, using a thinner, more thermally efficient insulation product ensures that the building footprint does not compromise internal living space.

PIR insulation products are resistant to moisture penetration as a result of their closed cell structure. Consequently the thermal performance of PIR insulation products should remain at their designed level for the lifetime of the building.


Benefits of PIR cavity wall insulation boards:

  • Superior thermal performance
  • Does not settle and leave part of the cavity un-insulated
  • Maintains thermal performance for lifetime of the building
  • Reduces the risk of water penetration
  • Resistant to moisture ingress
  • Lightweight and non-fibrous insulation

Manufacturers’ products will offer different benefits depending on the application. For full details users should refer to the manufacturer’s third party certification.