Roofboards – Pitched Roofs

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PIR insulation boards are the perfect choice for rafter level insulation to create a warm roof space which can then be used as a warm storage area or when fully converting a loft into a “room in roof”.

PIR insulation boards offer flexibility to the specifier; they can be used over rafter, between rafters or under rafter or in a combination in new-build or refurbishment projects.

The thermal performance and flexibility offered by rigid PIR insulation products means that the pitch of the roof can be insulated to current standards (and beyond) without sacrificing valuable headroom.

Benefits of PIR Insulation Products for Pitched Roof Applications:

  • Constant thermal performance for lifetime of the building;
  • Resistant to moisture ingress;
  • Lightweight and non-fibrous insulation
  • Does not support the growth of fungi;