Chemical Recovery

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Research projects are underway to try to recover chemicals though chemical recycling of waste PIR to reintroduce these chemicals into the future manufacture of PIR.  Recovering chemicals from PIR foam can be a complex process which typically involves recycling or reprocessing methods to break down the PIR and recover polyols and/or other components.

Because the methods and technologies for chemical recovery are variable it may take some time before any economic feasibility of chemical recovery is achieved based on factors such as scaling up operations and market demand for recycled materials.

There are many steps in the process which are undergoing further research such as:

1. How waste can be collected, i.e. from construction sites, demolition projects, or manufacturing waste.

2. Which process to use to maximise the recovery, e.g. hydrolysis, solvolysis and chemical digestion

3.  How to purify the recovered chemicals to ensure the recycled products meet quality standards for reuse.

4. How and where the recovered chemicals can be used

5. Checking the quality of recovered chemicals to ensure that they meet the required specifications for use in the production of PIR insulation.