Stone wool

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Stone or mineral wool is made from fibres obtained from quarried rock and recycled steel waste, bound together with a binder, to produce a product which is available in a variety of densities and therefore has varying levels of thermal conductivity.

It is typically used in masonry cavity walls, timber frame walls as roof rafter insulation and in loft and suspended floor applications.

The products are versatile in their application with good acoustic and reaction to fire properties.


Masonry cavity walls
Timber frame walls
Rafters and lofts
Flat roofs
Suspended floors


Good acoustic properties
Good reaction to fire properties

PIR = Superior thermal performance

Because of its superior thermal performance PIR insulation offers optimal insulation value meaning a thinner layer will achieve the same insulation properties.  This has other benefits, as using thicker insulation will mean a larger building footprint or smaller internal dimensions for a property.

The diagram shows the typical thicknesses of different wall insulation materials needed to achieve an R value of 4.5.