Injected Cavity Wall Insulation

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A polyurethane (PUR) foam system can be injected into a cavity of a property via holes in the outer leaf producing insulation with excellent adhesive, structural and thermal properties. The product bonds the inner and outer leaves together thus eliminating, or even treating, the problem of wall tie failure.

Benefits of PUR Injected Cavity Wall Insulation

  • Provides the best thermal performance of all practical full cavity insulants;
  • Resistant to all climate exposure conditions;
  • Ensures continuity of insulation and does not settle or leave part of the cavity uninsulated;
  • Gives a useful life in excess of 50 years with a constant thermal performance;
  • Eliminates the risk of water penetration;
  • Recommended by the Environment Agency as a measure to reduce flood damage to walls;
  • Resistant to moisture ingress;
  • Provides wall stabilisation, especially useful where wall ties are failing;
  • Products can be installed with no disruption to occupants or other on-going activities;
  • They are BBA approved for use anywhere in the country (unlike other types of insulant whose use is geographically restricted);
  • Non-fibrous insulation
  • Do not support the growth of fungi.
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