Timber/Metal Framed Walls

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PIR insulation products, are suitable for use in either timber or metal framed building applications.

Issues with thermal bridging can be avoided by using PIR insulation, either between studs or as external sheathing depending on the build-up.

Prefabricated timber framing produced off-site is becoming increasingly popular since it reduces on-site labour and waste, reduces the number of defects and can speed up the building process.

Insulation systems with an unbridged insulation layer are seen as best practice since they minimise repeating any linear thermal bridges.

PIR insulation products are resistant to moisture penetration as a result of their closed cell structure.  This together with high performance facing materials helps to minimise the passage of moisture vapour, thus reducing condensation risks.

Benefits of PIR insulation products for framed buildings:

  • Superior thermal performance;
  • Maintains thermal performance for lifetime of the building;
  • Reduces the risk of water penetration;
  • Resistant to moisture ingress;
  • Lightweight and non-fibrous insulation

Manufacturers’ products will offer different benefits depending on the application. For full details users should refer to the manufacturer’s third party certification.