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As well as being one of the most thermally efficient insulation materials available, PIR insulation has a high strength to weight ratio, is lightweight, meets a variety of fire performance criteria for differing applications along with good water resistance properties.

PIR = Superior thermal performance

Because of its superior thermal performance PIR insulation offers optimal insulation value meaning a thinner layer will achieve the same insulation properties.  This has other benefits, as using thicker insulation will mean a larger building footprint or smaller internal dimensions for a property.

The diagram shows the typical thicknesses of different wall insulation materials needed to achieve an R value of 4.5.


The Approved Documents in England and Wales, the Scottish Technical Handbook in Scotland and the Technical Booklets in Northern Ireland set the standards and requirements for the design and construction of all buildings to ensure they are safe for people who are in or around them. They provide guidance on different aspects of a building’s design and construction.

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