Floor Insulation

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The floor in any building is a key area of downward heat loss if not properly insulated.  The use of PIR insulation can significantly improve the U-value of both new and existing floors in domestic and non-domestic properties.

High performing PIR insulation boards are thinner than traditional insulation materials, therefore the need for deeper excavations is reduced, saving both time and money. PIR insulation boards are lightweight and combine high compressive strength with low thermal conductivity, making them an ideal choice for all floor insulation projects.

Benefits of PIR/PUR Insulation Products for Flooring:

  • Maintains thermal performance for lifetime of the building
  • Resistant to moisture ingress;
  • Lightweight and non-fibrous insulation
  • Good compressive strength (in excess of 150kPa at 10% compression)

Manufacturers’ products will offer different benefits depending on the application. For full details users should refer to the manufacturer’s third party certification.

IMA has a best practice guide for the design and installation of floor insulation which can be found here