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Spray applied polyurethane (PUR) insulation offers a unique combination of features and benefits.  It is an extremely versatile and robust method of improving the insulation and energy efficiency of buildings.

When used externally with a suitable weather-resistant protective coating, the high mechanical strength of sprayed PUR insulation products means that they can provide a long-term waterproofing and insulation combination that is also cost effective.

Roofs of agricultural buildings, storage tanks, as well as ducting and pipe work, are all commonly insulated using an external application of spray applied PUR.

PUR can also be spray applied internally to the underside of rafters.

The work is carried out by experienced.

Spray applied PUR insulation can be applied to all types of surface; to vertical and very uneven surfaces. They can also be applied to any thickness required.

During the application process the PUR or PIR insulation product fills and seals any gaps, cracks and open joints – vastly improving the air-tightness of the building and sealing all water leaks.

Benefits of Spray Applied Insulation:

  • Excellent adhesion to all types of surface
  • Eliminates air leakage from buildings
  • Continuous, seamless surface eliminates cold bridging
  • Easily installed, ideal for retrofit projects
  • Ideal for loft conversions
  • Lightweight, durable and versatile
  • BBA approved
  • Non-fibrous insulation
  • Do not support the growth of fungi
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