IMA CPD – ‘Achieving zero carbon through a fabric first approach’

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This CPD - Achieving zero carbon through a fabric first approach – will provide viewers with an understanding of the importance of achieving zero carbon and how widely available and cost-effective insulation technologies will help to achieve this. It outlines lambda, R and U-values, offers a comparison of insulation types and gives insight into regulations and voluntary schemes. A number of case studies demonstrate how PIR has been used to meet regulatory and voluntary scheme standards.

Suitable for anyone looking to learn about how to achieve zero carbon through a fabric first approach including specifiers, installers, clients and students, the CPD outlines why high performance insulation is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to reduce energy demand and cut CO2.

In order to request your CPD certificate please watch the video and then answer the questions below

According to the Energy saving Trust, how much heat loss can there be from a roof?

How are R values calculated?

What thickness of PIR/PUR do you need to achieve an R value of 4.5?

What section of the Building Regulations applies to the conservation of fuel and power in England and Wales?

Fabric first concentrates on what core components?