Making energy efficiency an infrastructure priority

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As part of the Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Group, we at IMA think Green GB week is the perfect opportunity to share this info graphic.  Put simply, having energy efficiency as an infrastructure priority will:

Save on energy bills – allowing spending in other productive parts of the economy
Tackle fuel poverty – ensuring costs & benefits of decarbonisation are fairly distributed
Improve competitiveness – by enhancing energy productivity and staff productivity
Create and support jobs – through renovation and construction work needed (and via their supply chains)
Optimise infrastructure investment – by avoiding costlier upgrades to the electricity grid and new power plants
Avoid ill health from cold homes – saving the NHS £1.3bn each year in England alone
Improve productivity of the construction sector – where energy efficiency upgrades are incorporated into broader renovation and maintenance works
Minimise cost and maximise benefits of decarbonising the UK – enabling ambitious targets to be met
Enhance energy security – by reducing the need for gas imports, boosting GDP in the process

EEIG infographic


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