Resource efficiency

Insulation of buildings is essential to improving thermal performance and reducing carbon emissions associated with heating and cooling buildings.

IMA in conjunction with WRAP and BRE have drawn up an Action Plan which is directed at all those whose activities produce, handle or influence building insulation foam waste from the construction sector, either directly or indirectly, as well as interested stakeholders. The main objective of the Action Plan is to achieve higher levels of diversion of these wastes from landfill and greater efficiency in resource use across the construction supply chain.

There are a number of generic issues relating to resource efficiency that are relevant for all insulation product types. For example, the scope to design out waste arising from the installation of board products relates more closely to the way the building is designed than to the product used. In terms of site practices, it is important that the conditions to facilitate segregation and collection of all the waste types are conducive to maximising the opportunities to recover these resources.

The Action Plan summarises the actions identified to improve waste management performance, timescales (where practicable) and lead organisations for the actions.