Windstorm Protection

The cost of repairing windstorm damage is currently running at over £825m per year and is only likely to increase as a result of climate change – a cost normally borne by insurance companies.

Such is the impact of these costs that the insurance industry has looked at ways to prevent windstorm damage to roofs (1) and suggests that sprayed PUR could used to bond tiles or slates to the roof structure to prevent them being blown off in high winds.

PUR is applied to the underside of a roof where it creates a permanent bond between the tiles and the roof structure ensuring that high winds cannot dislodge tiles or slates.

As well as preventing tiles being blown off the roof, PUR provides excellent insulation and draught proofing, reducing the householder’s energy consumption, vitally important given rising energy costs. Application of the product to roofs is a service available across the UK and all applications carry the endorsement of a BBA Certificate and new developments have made it even more cost effective.

(1) The vulnerability of UK Property to Windstorm Damage July 2003

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