Fully filled cavity wall insulation

A polyurethane (PUR) foam system can be injected into a cavity of a property via holes in the outer leaf producing insulation with excellent adhesive, structural and thermal properties. The product bonds the inner and outer leaves together thus eliminating the problem of wall tie failure.

The table below compares the improvements that can be achieved by installing various cavity wall insulating products at a cavity thickness of 50mm in the conventional cavity wall.

The lower the U-value the better the insulation performance.

Typical thermal properties of injected cavity fill insulation
Insulating product (Thermal conductivity W/m.K) U-value (W/m².K)
PUR (0.025) 0.40
Expanded polystyrene beads (0.037) 0.55
Mineral fibre (0.039) 0.57
Urea formaldehyde (0.040) 0.58
No insulation 1.50

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Benefits of PIR/PUR insulation for cavity walls (fully filled):