Statement on the Prime Minister’s speech on science and modern industrial strategy

In a speech today, the Prime Minister set out four missions as part of the modern Industrial Strategy.

With heating and powering buildings accounting for 40 per cent of total energy usage, one of the four missions, the clean growth grand challenge, seeks to use new technologies and modern construction practices to at least halve the energy usage of new buildings by 2030.

Insulation Manufacturers Association welcomes this bold target. Simon Storer, Chief Executive of IMA said, “The clean growth mission is good news for manufacturing and good news for employment in the construction sector.   However, in order to succeed, the primary focus should be to ensure that the building regulations are set to ensure that the fabric of all new buildings, residential and non-domestic, is as thermally efficient as possible, with a tightening of these to help meet the targets.  It will also be important to look at building control and compliance so ensure that this happens and to find a way to close the loophole whereby buildings can be built to old regulations, often up to 10 years out of date.

“Our members look forward to working with the relevant Government Departments to realise these targets in order to bring the expected significant savings on energy bills to building occupiers as well as helping to meet the Government’s CO2 reduction targets.”