Statement on Government’s ECO3 proposals

IMA welcomes the publication of the Government’s plans for ECO3 which will come into force in Autumn for 3+ years and is pleased to see a scheme which focuses on low income and vulnerable households and those living in fuel poverty.  We particularly welcome the acknowledgement that “One of the best long-term solutions to address fuel poverty is by dealing with the fabric of the property through insulation, as this increases comfort and reduces heating requirements.”.  This comes on the back of the decision to allow upgrades to inefficient heating systems as long as the upgrade or replacement is accompanied by insulation measures.

It is disappointing to see that the minimum number of solid wall homes to be treated has been set at just 17,000 when there are many more properties that desperately need improvement and given that a large proportion of those living in fuel poverty also live in thermally inefficient solid wall housing.

What the industry needs to see now is action to complete the work on the Each Home Counts quality mark so that this can be introduced into the scheme as soon as possible ensuring that all work carried out is of the highest standard and gives consumer confidence to those having measures installed and a means of redress if things don’t go right.  IMA is involved in the development of this work and with the development of the new PAS schemes and will continue to help to bring them to a conclusion that works for both the industry and the consumer.

The delivery of the scheme will determine its success and we look forward to the implementation of the ECO3 programme and turning aspiration into activity.