BRUFMA joins forces to call for Clean Growth Plan to decarbonsise buildings

BRUFMA has joined forces with around 30 construction, heat and energy efficiency organisations to call on the UK Government to publish a strong ’Clean Growth Plan’ with bold new polices to reduce emissions from homes and offices.  The has been coordinated by WWF and adds to growing pressure for the Government to publish its plan to reduce carbon emissions,  Ideas put forward could create 100,000 new jobs in the construction and service industries, reduce fuel poverty and the burden on the NHS from health problems made worse by poorly insulated homes.

The letter requests the Clean Growth Plan to include:

  • A long-term target for all homes to have an energy performance rating of C or above by 2035. This would provide a clear direction of travel for the sector, and enable investment across the supply chain.
  • The introduction of minimum standards on efficiency for existing homes, enforced at the point of sale, and backed up by incentives (for example, implemented through council tax or stamp duty), grants and zero interest loans.
  • All new buildings to be ‘nearly zero energy’ by 2020, as specified under the EU Energy Performance in Buildings Directive. As the UK goes through the process of leaving the EU, these standards or higher must be incorporated into UK law. This would ensure that we do not face costly retrofit in future years and create certainty for industry.
  • A clear strategy and policy to accelerate the roll out of low carbon heat, particularly electric heat pumps, in buildings off the gas grid to 2020 and beyond.
  • Support the growth of district heat networks by building on the Heat Network Investment Project through the 2020s and providing a long-term investment framework to facilitate lower cost capital.
  • A local authority-led approach to heat decarbonisation, to ensure we have a long-term plan for all buildings that coordinates action on energy efficiency and low carbon heat. Building these measures into the Clean Growth Plan will be good for the environment and good for the British economy.

A full copy of the letter can be found here.