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PIR insulation products meet a wide range of fire performance requirements as stipulated by Building Regulations and the Insurance Industry.

In most construction applications, products are not exposed to any fire risk or are protected by non-combustible materials (for example cavity wall insulation is protected externally by the outer substrate and internally by blocks) and combustibility is not an issue. In other applications where high fire performance is needed, suitable products can be specified.

Products are available which meet Class 0 of the UK Building Regulations and Class 1 surface spread of flame performance when tested to BS 476: Parts 6 and 7. In the Euroclass system products are classified from Class A (non-combustible) through to Class E. PIR insulation products are able to meet up to and including Class B. Good fire resistance in tests such as BS 476 Part 21 and Part 22 is also possible. Further, PIR insulation products are available which achieve approval with insurance industry standards such as those from Factory Mutual and the Loss Prevention Council.

PIR insulation products are used across a wide range of applications providing exceptional benefits; however, individual products offer different levels of fire performance depending on their end-use application. It is important to ensure that the right product is used in the right end-use application. Recommendations and advice on specific products can be obtained by contacting the individual manufacturing members of IMA.

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