BRUFMA comments on the Labour Party Manifesto

BRUFMA welcomes Labour’s commitment to build, not just the quantity of homes the country needs but also their promise to ensure new houses are built to an increasingly higher level of energy efficiency. This is essential if the UK is to meet its climate change targets and help reduce energy consumption

It is also encouraging to see the reintroduction of a zero carbon target and the commitment to ensure homes are fully and properly insulated, new build and existing.  However, to achieve this there must be a gradual increasing of the standards applied by regulation, coupled to a credible assessment and measuring regime that gives confidence that all new and refurbished houses meet the current and future standards and perform as the design specification.

If this doesn’t happen we will be retrofitting new build houses at some point in the future and missing the opportunity to improve the existing stock.

We all know how difficult it is to retrofit the existing housing so if we fail to ensure new build are sufficiently energy efficient we will be failing generations to come.  We must get this right first time

The proof as always will be in the ability to deliver and to find the necessary funding.

Simon Storer