Energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency of buildings is a crucial element in reducing man-made carbon dioxide emissions, which are widely accepted to be the main cause of climate change and rising sea levels. Climate change is thought by many experts to be the biggest environmental challenge facing humankind today.

Approximately 40% of all energy consumption in OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries is from buildings; however, huge improvements can be made to the energy efficiency of buildings by ensuring that the optimum level of insulation is installed. PIR/PUR insulation products can provide the best insulation performance achievable in many new build and retrofit building applications.

An effective way of reducing carbon dioxide emissions is through improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Indeed, the UK Building Regulations are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that new buildings are designed with optimal energy efficiency and that existing buildings, when substantially refurbished, are brought up to the highest standards. PIR/PUR products play a crucial role as they offer excellent insulation performance.

As well as the environmental benefits of improving the energy efficiency of buildings, there are also significant financial benefits. For the domestic energy consumer, heating costs are dramatically reduced when the home is insulated using the best insulation products. And for the industrial user, better energy efficiency of buildings not only means lower energy bills but also reduces the impact of the Climate Change Levy.