Thermal Performance

The very low thermal conductivity of rigid PIR/PUR insulation products is one of their most important properties making them the most effective insulation solution in many applications.  PIR/PUR insulation products significantly outperform alternative products.

The benefits of superior thermal insulation performance are wide-ranging and extremely valuable. Improved energy efficiency has extremely positive effects on the environment in terms of reduced greenhouse gas emissions, whilst also providing consumers with lower energy bills. When a lower thickness of insulation is required to meet standards and regulations, maximum use of space is possible. As well as space-saving, the lower thickness of insulation products combined with the lightweight nature of PIR/PUR insulation products improves ease of handling, speeds up construction time, enhances safety and reduces transport costs.

PIR/PUR insulation products have excellent thermal conductivity because they are low density, closed cell products, which contain a mixture of insulating gases.