Acoustic Performance

Houses situated within aeroplane flight paths suffer from constant, high level airborne noise pollution. The disruption this causes has prompted the creation of numerous action groups who lobby on behalf of those adversely affect by the increasing problem. “Aircraft wake vortices”, which are tornado-like spiraling cones of air caused by aeroplane wines, pose serious threats to the integrity of roofs slates or tiles. In some cases the force of the vortex can suck tiles off roofs close to the flight path.

To help with the problem, the underside surface of a roof can be cleaned and prepared appropriately, removing any loose material before applying a rigid polyurethane foam spray product to the
underside of the slates, to a thickness of around 80mm.

The foam sealed roof then offers significant sound reduction properties and furthermore increases the insulation properties of the property to Building Regulations Standards, thus reducing energy usage and costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

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